Urdu Learning Apps for Kids – The Dire Need of Today’s Society

A child is more receptive to any new language when he’s exposed to it during the prime years of growth. In other words, the sooner the child gets started; the better would be his memorizing capacity. Irrespective of the kid’s mother tongue, the ultimate driving force towards successfully learning Urdu is enthusiasm towards the language and continuous encouragement. Patience is yet another component that might help your kid get hold onto the language.

The Dire Need of Learning Urdu Language

As per the statistics of BBC News, it’s quite disappointing that only 8 percent of the Pakistani population speaks Urdu as their first tongue. In a country where Urdu has been given the status of national language, such statistical figures are absolutely demeaning.

With the growing trend of English language in school setup these days, it’s imperative to teach our children the importance of our national language. Not just that, special attention must be given to help them learn and later encourage them to converse in Urdu. English might be the official language of the country but parents can at least teach their kids to speak Urdu once they’re at home.

The Parental Perspective

It’s quite normal for every Pakistani parent to want their children to have an early exposure to their native language. However, this does not remain possible in a few circumstances. For instance, if a family is living abroad or have no close family member nearby who speaks Urdu. Kids of such parents find it really hard to develop their vocabulary, learn proper pronunciation and above all interact confidently in their mother tongue.

Without a doubt, parents these days are quite concerned about their kid’s proficiency in Urdu language and yet struggle to find ways to kick-start this venture at home. The magnitude of problem doubles in households who are bilingual and doesn’t speak Urdu as their first language. To combat this issue, parents can even take online help and make use of Urdu apps for kids available on Play Store.

How to Start?

On the off chance that you’re a non-Urdu speaking individual, it’s essential that you first bring a change in your own self before imposing a language onto your child. This helps develop a positive attitude in children and they’d feel less nervous when speaking in Urdu in a social gathering. Besides, learning together with your kid would also provide you with some extra bonding time hence strengthening the parent-kid relationship. It’s imperative that you encourage your kid that although mastering another language is no piece of cake, it is very much possible to attain perfection with constant practice.

The Growing Demand for Urdu Educational Apps

Have you ever come across a kid in this era who doesn’t know how to operate a smartphone or a tablet? The answer would probably be negative. Kids these days are quite inclined towards tech gadgets and learn to use them at a very young age. Therefore, you can optimize a smart phone to play a pivotal role in the educational domain of your kid’s life. It’s a great tool to get your child to learn while playing and staying entertained.

Google Play Store features around a thousand educational apps for kids, with quite a few of them falling under the category of Urdu learning apps. With such a huge number of smart phone apps geared at kids, it’s quite disappointing that developers have not yet realized the importance of Urdu apps for kids. We cannot neglect the fact that Urdu holds a sentimental place in the heart of all Pakistani parents and they would always want their kids to be as comfortable with their native language as they are with English. This especially holds true for Pakistanis living abroad where their children are not exposed to this language in their school hours. Hence, the duty falls entirely on the shoulder of the parents to help their kids learn and converse in Urdu.

In such a case, digital media can be a big help and hence special emphasis should be given towards the development of applications that promote learning of Urdu language for kids.

How Urdu Apps for Kids Can be a Game Changer?

Smart phone apps in Urdu language are a real deal breaker for they provide practical learning activities through intriguing entertainment. They’re specially designed to motivate children and maintain their interest in learning a new language. Not only does it satisfies the parents’ with their kid’s academic performance but also raises confidence level in young school-going children and encourages them to converse in Urdu.

From Urdu qaida for kids that teaches them the basic alphabet formation and pronunciation to Urdu poems for kids that helps them learn new phrases and tenses, every smart phone app is unique in its own way.  

Finding the Best Resources

Although Urdu learning apps are not highly featured on Google Play Store, but a few of the popular apps like Urdu Qaida for Kids and Urdu Ginti (learn counting in Urdu) are highly recommended by parents around the globe and you may check them out to help your kids learn this beautiful language. Furthermore, there are many websites that encourage the practice of your kids learning different languages and hence provide you with various such applications under one umbrella.


In the end, all you need to do is to let your kid learn at their own pace and make their mistakes as well. Language learning is a complex process that involves interpreting and decoding the various stimuli received by the brain hence no language can be mastered overnight. This is even harder for kids who are bilingual or multilingual. Hence, you need to accept your kids’ mistakes, encourage them to continue learning and provide them with the best of resources, only to see them attain perfection one day.

The Final Word on the Matter

E-learning has definitely transformed the standards of learning. Learning a new language via digital aid has made lofty goals easier to attain in quite a short period of time. The contribution of Urdu learning apps is exceptional as it has completely revamped the way of learning in this modern world. Thus, digital learning have eventually become parents’ favorite mode of education as it keeps their kids motivated and make them better learners.

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