How to Create an Amazing Time Table Chart for Better Study?

How to Create an Amazing Time Table Chart for Better Study?

A study time table chart is a handy and inexpensive tool. Time table charts can help you control all of your study time. It will give you an efficient perspective of your needs. And also helps you find those items in which you need accomplishments. If you want your work done in an organized way and you want to feel motivated by your work done with the best of your potential, then try to make a personalized time table chart for your study. Little treehouse is showing you how to make your own study time table in the following ways.

An Amazing Time Table Chart for Study

Let’s try not to make things complicated for you and put this task into two parts.

Part 1: Setting Up Your Time Table

Make a List of Your Responsibilities

You have to think about all the responsibilities of your study that you can easily and properly put on the time table chart. We just need to think about all of these responsibilities before you fill this time table. This will help you to make your way of creating a time table go more smoothly. You should consider al your classes, homework, sports, exercise and anything else that you can do on a regular basis during the time you might be studying. Don’t forget to attend major holidays and birthday or you can say the main events. We know that you can’t probably think of all these at once but it’s ok – add up these later.

time table

Collect All Study Information

This means that you need to get all the projects, assignments, plays and your syllabus on the worksheet or a paper.

time table

Consider the Optimal Time of Day for Studying

Spend some time thinking about what you do or what would you do for your best study. Are you a morning or night person of studying. Start thinking it from knowing this will help you in the best schedule and make your study feel important in these peak study hours. When you finish thinking or writing these, don’t forget to add your other responsibilities ( like a kid has a lot of other things to do to keep active – playing, games ).

time table

Decide on a Format

You have to make it on a paper or you can also do it in your digital sheet formats. Like tablets or computers, this will enhance your kids’ intelligence.

Draw a Grid

these charts are consisting of the main thing which is time and date (with the days of the week along with the top of it and times down the side). If you are making it on the chart or paper you will need to make a grid yourself. You can use a regular notebook or blank paper for this. Draw your line with a clean ruler for clean work. The biggest downside to this method is how hard to make a change later. Use a pencil at the start for everything (rows and columns). And also if you need a big time table for more than one or two weeks then make sure you will do it before with this section.

time table

Part 2: Filling in Your Time Table

Choose a Single or Custom Time Table

You have to make sure to make a time table can easily match with other week’s tasks. You should build all the custom at once or at the same time. If you are making a custom time table, don’t forget to mention birthdays and holidays in it.

time table

Block Your Study Time

al l you need to set the time when you have to study. like e 2-5 hours per day with this schedule are fairly long enough. And also if there is a difficult study class then you should add a little more time for that subject or class.

Add Schedule Break

Don’t forget to add a break in your schedule timing. For instance, if you solved 20 maths problems then you probably take a short break to go further on other problems.

Make Your Time Table Look Nice

Use a colorful pen, or highlighter to make it look nice.

time table

Do not forget to use this time table. Always tell you are self to keep it up with this. More importantly, do not stress about it and just revise it whenever you needed.

We hope this blog will help your child in making a good time table. Let us know your thoughts about our blog.

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