Best Four Outdoor Spring Activities for your Toddlers

Best Four Outdoor Spring Activities for your Toddlers

Yes, finally spring is all here and our toddlers love to play outside after such cold weather. And you have the opportunity to play with them outside the door of your house. Outdoor activities are always simple and a lot of fun but they always need a little requirement of plannings. Here little treehouse is taking you to the outdoor spring activities that your toddler will love and not only love but they also gain some skills to develop in themself.

Best Outdoor Spring Activities for Toddler

These spring activities will keep your child busy and develop some physical, cognitive and social skills.

Garden Hide and Seek

All you need in this activity is your partner and the toddler. First, you need to find a fine place, a park near your house to play a game. And let your partner make a team with the toddler that hides and you will be the seeker. This will encourage the toddler to find the hiding spot in the park, like behind the trees, bushes, etc. you can add a little enjoyment in it by telling your toddler to call them when you are pretending that you can’t find them. This activity will develop some social skills and basic cognitive skills in your toddler.

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The Sliding Ball

All you need in this spring activity is a plastic ball and a slide. This activity will be played in a park where you find a slide. Or you can also play this spring activity on your ground if you have a slide. There will be two teams in this game and this is played by passing ball under the slides. Just roll a ball from one side and let toddler collect the ball and pass it to his team member, who walks down to the slide and passes it to you. Then he takes his place to the bottom of the slide, collects the ball and gives it to their team person and the game just starts over like this. This will enhance social and team-building skills in toddlers.

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Playing Hopscotch

All you need is colored chalk and your toddler, you need to draw a hopscotch on solid ground by using the colored chalk. Number the grid by the position or you can also add any rando number on that grid. The toddler will jump on a grid by his choice or you can make them jump on one number or a particular number. Once your toddler remembers the number, you can instruct them to jump on the biggest number to expand their knowledge. This fun activity will physically and mentally engage your toddler. It will increase and develop physical strength and basic mathematical knowledge in your toddler.

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Spray Painting

All you need is a big chart paper, large paintbrushes, and a few small buckets. Spread your chart paper on the ground and put some colors on the buckets, add a little water and mix them well. Tell your toddler to dip a brush in the paint really well so that they wiped a brush and have the fine spray on the chart. You can also teach them by first doing it yourself.

Repeat this with different colors and will get your spray painting really really well. If you are trying to do spring activities with your child it will engage them to build doing more things in themselves. They set you on their first priority. Do not do this activity at your house because you will find your walls dirty after this activity. This is the reason we have it in outdoor activity. This will develop basic art and painting skills in your toddler.

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Outdoor activities are always fun but only when you are careful with your child. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are outside with your toddler.
First, you need to take your toddler the initiative to do and start the activity by there self. You need to play multiple activities in a week. You need to communicate and interact with your child to make them grow ins society. Gather some of the fellows of toddlers and play these activities in groups. And lastly, be alert every time because the toddler is all that you need to take care of.
We hope this blog helps you playing with your toddler spring activities. If you want to share something, please do. We would love to hear this from you.

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