Parents Must Know! Why Playing with Kids Really Matters?

Parents Must Know! Why Playing with Kids Really Matters?

Good food, best education and luxurious lifestyle, these what every parents wish for their kids. But does all that enough for kid’s proper physical, mental and social grooming? This question needs a detailed discussion and we’re going to throw a light on its answer which is hidden in a study conducted to reveal the importance of interacting and playing with kids.

A research paper published in Science Magazine by a group of psychologists and economists has disclose the reality of this fact via an amazing project.

This study was conducted in US where scientists inference, _those kids who play with parents shown better development comparatively those who didn’t involve in such activity.

Study’s focused are was Jamaica within the time duration of 1986-1987. Infants and toddlers of those families who don’t afford quality, much food, toys and even lack mutual interaction, were under observation. Their kids experienced stumbled both physical and mental growth. Health home workers visited home again after the duration of 2 years. And started training mothers that how should they must spend 1 time by playing with kids.

Researches divided the kids into 2 groups. One was the Play Group in which kids were involved with mutual playing. And second was Control Group which was just based on the kids who were given the food not personal attention and interaction. With the passage of time, results revealed that children in play group were performing 25% better than the children of control group. Play group kids got stronger IQ level, they had better self-control, tolerance and lower aggression.

Now, what would you say! Playing is just a Play? Of course, it’s much more than a word of four letters. This reading makes us realize that what happens when things are missing from lifestyle and how much they can play a vital role if we start following them. Moreover, the misconception of providing good food but without proper attention and interactive environment for kids really effect their mental development. Whereas, we can make our children highly confident and prepare to handle any challenging situation with good temperament.

So, we recommend you playing with kids to help them develop a complete personality having proper physical, mental and social grooming.

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