Best Pencil Grip Activities to Teach Toddlers Correctly

Pencil grip activities are very important for toddlers. It is a step to enhance their skills through their work with a pencil. And toddler is the perfect age of kids when you have to start giving them a pencil and teach them how to use it properly.  

According to Lizette Alexander, an occupational therapist who runs Hand Skills for Children Toronto Occupational Therapy, at three years old, your child should be able to draw horizontal and vertical lines, cut with scissors and remove lids from small containers; at four, draw horizontal and vertical lines that cross, snip a straight line and lace with string; by five, trace lines, coy a square and cut out a circle.

This seemingly easy for you to teach your toddler holding a pencil in your ways or in a particular way but on the same side it is difficult to teach them to hold pencils to correct way once they develop a grip of their own preferences.

Therefore, we are writing this article to help you teach toddlers the right way and the right time to hold a pencil.

If you want to know these tips then Read On.

  • Use similar writing tools:

  This is one of the great methods for your child to grow better in griping of the pencil to give them different tools like chalk, crayons to draw and write their own ways. The smaller size of these items naturally requires toddlers to use the correct pencil grip because there is less surface area.

pencil grip activities

  • The long and short of it:

For A toddler writing lesson is going, to begin with, small Pencils it is easier for a toddler to write with short pencils because short pencils length allows better grasp as the toddler has to pinch your fingers together to hold a pencil firmly.

  • The time it right:

The right time to teach to hold a pencil is very important. Or else it might become very difficult to make toddler unlearn the wrong grip and then start the lesson. We as a parent introduce our toddler to a pencil at the age of four to five years. This age is just around the time they will have to start going to kindergarten. Hence if they learn to use a pencil it will be so helpful and kindergarten have more fun for them.

pencil grip activities

  • The three-finger rule:

We have to tell our kids or toddlers the technique of holding a pencil. The tripod grip is another name for this technique in which we use our thumb, middle and u dex finger to hold a pencil. We must teach them to apply equal pressure on each of their fingers. 

pencil grip activities

  • Make it fun

Learning always begins at home. Therefore, parents can do a lot of effort to teach their kids to become good learners. It is best not to learn them aggressively or overnight. We have to make it fun for them. Give them the different kinds of pencils colors, crayons. Give your child space to use it on paper in their own way before starting the lesson. 

pencil grip activities

Now you have to teach your toddler to hold a pencil. Why are you waiting? Go ahead and bond with him and make a lot of fun.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful for you.

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