Is Your Kid Crazy Of Fidget Spinner? Must Know Its Pros And Cons

Is Your Kid Crazy Of Fidget Spinner? Must Know Its Pros And Cons

Fidget spinner just became so popular for kids nearly overnight. Yet it has also been used by some of the therapists for ages. Yes, it is right. You have to face it, they look cool. And if you get the one that has multiple colors it almost like the optical illusion on the fingertip. Okay so with this big saying, there is a lot about the fidget spinner. The good and bad terms and pros and cons of it. 

Let’s talk today about the pros and cons of the fidget spinner. So you can determine if you have to purchase this to your kid again or not. 

First, we are going to talk about why these fidget spinners are good for kids. 

Some Pros And Cons Of Fidget Spinner

Claim To Help Focus

Fidget spinners just claimed that these helped kids add to focus kids better in their classrooms. While we know that there is not a lot of research on that claim that out. But a lot of parents agree that this gadget has been helped their children a lot to focus on.

fidget spinner

Entertainment Without Electronics

Isn’t it sound great and relaxing? Yes, it is. This little gadget might your kids off to electronics. That helps your kid’s health. And desire them to attempt some tricks. And they can come out with a lot with these spinners like what they can do more with this. 

fidget spinner

Increase Imagination

This little optical illusion will keep your kids’ imagination going so far. As kids do a lot of tricks, they match different colors combined with it and see the result of spinning it. They are just using their imagination and their creative sides of the brain. Which is totally awesome. 

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Secondly, we talked about why this little gadget could be considered bad for kids.

Distraction In Class

Some of the schools in the world find those fidget spinners are not good for children. And it just distracts it in their class. So they ban the little gadget in schools. They play with it like it is a toy, not a therapeutic device. Many kids are also distracting other students too and teachers have to say those words enough are enough. Even if you are in a home school to also a cause of distraction. 

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Can Harm Someone

If your child is spinning the fidget spinner so fast. It could fly and go to someone’s face or hand so badly that your kid can’t think. And it could get worse. This just helps them into attention and focus. But they certainly pose it to slightly danger situations. 

fidget spinner

Pretty Price

In this world, some of the fidget spinners are considering rare. It’s just like the Pokemon cards that all over again with the kids desire to the rarest to rare. And it can cost the parents a pretty penny. This is one of the most expensive focus gadgets when there are lower-cost ones on the market. 


Fidget spinners are designed for ADHD to cure their symptoms and help people to get back to the real-life without inattention and impulsivity.


I hope this is helpful for you and you know about the pros and cons of fidget spinners. Rather good or bad for your child. 

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