Interesting Urdu Poems: Your Kids Must Have to Learn

Kids love colors, visuals, and rhymes and they are the most active human in the world. They love playing all day and night, being so small and new to this world they love which attracts them the most they get attract towards every signal moving objects and music too. But as they grow, their nourishment is also important for their family as well.

When it comes to the basic training for kids, poems can be the true mean for the little ones to learn ethics at home. The first thing comes in the training of kids is the learning of their native language.  So, the children understand their native language more easily than any other language. The Urdu language is used in Pakistan as their mother tongue. And Urdu Poems holds much significance in Urdu literature and when it comes to Urdu poems for kids; it is one of the amazing aspects of it.

Urdu rhymes can be very useful for learning because through poems children learn more easily because of the animated videos of those poems or sometimes we give it a touch of music and sometimes we present these Urdu poems for Kids in shape of Tabloo and short videos.

Urdu poems for kids are also the main useful tool we can use to engage our kids at home or at schools towards learning.  Rather learning literature, Kids learn the poem more easily.

What we learn in our early upbringing, always keeps in our mind throughout our life. Urdu poems are also included in the syllabus to grasp the attention of kids towards studies. And poems, therefore, also help in improving learning skills and the lesson we get from these poems remain in minds forever.

If anyone who has never heard the Urdu Poem for Kids, can get the glimpse of Urdu Poetry from these poems:

Utho Beta Ankhen Kholo

“Utho Beta Ankhain Kholo,                              Bistaar choro Mu haath Dhoo Lou,

Dair tak sona theek nahi hai,                           Waqat ka khona theek nahi hai

Utho Beta Ankhain Kholo,                                Bistaar choro Mu haath Dhoo Lou,

Jaldi jagana acha hai,                                            Waqat pay khana acha hai”

The moral of the poem is early to bed, early to rise. So, if anyone of us taught this Urdu poem to our kids, they could learn this that if they rise early and eat on time would be beneficial for their health.  

Aik Kaw’wa Piyasa tha

“Aik Kaw’wa Piyasa tha,                          Jug mai thora pani tha,

Kaw’wa daly kankar,                                 Pani aya upper,

Kawa Piya Pani,                                            Hogayi Kahani,

Hoshiyaar kaw’way ki,                              Hogayi Kahani”

This poem gives the moral to kids that one should not get worried or become hopeless when they are in trouble. In fact, if they use their common sense they can achieve the things which seem impossible to them.

Urdu poems for kids are very helpful in the early learning stage. Poems can provide your child with a guide towards doing or don’ts. And these poems are can easily be memorized by the kids. Now in the smartphones era, Urdu apps for Kids are easily available on play store. These Kids’ Urdu Apps are very efficient that they have visuals, music, colors, and objects. 

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These Urdu Kids’ Apps poems can easily be accessed through apps. So, mothers can install these Learning apps for Kids and teach these poems to their children in a fun learning way and meanwhile, the children listen to those poems along with their videos, the mothers can sit back and relax and also can download the app of Little Treehouse apps for FREE!!!!


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