How to take care of the toddler while having an infant?

Being a parent is really a blessing. It is really important to plan for your baby, especially if you already have a toddler and planning a new one. It would be better if a parent lets this happen after sending the toddler to preschool. There are different thoughts in western and eastern zones about planning to have kids. We, without indulging in this discussion will move in. Parenthood is challenging especially in this situation. Parents have to make a strategy to manage the toddlers while having infants. Although there is nothing much to do about because you get exhausted due to lack of sleep and fluctuation in moods of the toddler.English learning apps for kids

Infants need attention because they have needs like to have a proper feed, appropriate sleep and other common like bathing. Toddlers also have different needs, which have to be taken care of including feeding, bathing, playing, most of the times they feel jealous with infants and really don’t like infants in mothers hands. So it becomes difficult to manage, but to make a reasonable solution to this situation I am going to provide some tips, I am sure it will help you a lot.


It would be very important to fulfill the needs of two of your children. So, I would suggest, that keeping in mind the need of two always try to pre-organize things for them. Like you know tomorrow is another day and on another day they will be needing the change of clothes, just prepared them a night before. Also the same case with the things which they would like to eat. Try to get this done earlier.

Baby Carrier

This tool will really help you whenever you are planning to take them out. Remember don’t take them out on their own especially toddlers. Otherwise, you will be exhausted. Just carry the infant in the belt which is also called wearing and play with the toddler. Because your hand should be free to handle different activities of your toddler.

Sleep Management

This is the part which makes you really tired and exhausted. Because if you will not manage the sleep of your both children and of course yours. Then you will be frustrated and maybe sometimes you will feel like yelling at children. Which is in fact not good.  So always try to make them sleep at the same time. Because it will give you time to do other stuff or you can sleep with them if you have not slept well. It is also important because toddlers may be loud while playing or doing stuff which can disturb infant while sleeping. In case any one of them is not sleepy then it would be necessary to move sleepy one to other noise free place.

Activities for Toddler

While taking care of infants, it happens that toddlers don’t allow you to do that because of jealousy factor. So always involve them in different activities, like if you are giving a bath to infant ask your toddler to help you in bringing clothes, napkins, diapers etc.

Play Area for Toddler

Always set up an area for the toddler to play in. TO play you can bring them coloring books, picture books, simple puzzles, and blocks are their favorite to play. Always put all of toddler’s playthings in separate box or basket. Because toddler may don’t like it to be shared with anyone else. Toys around toddler will definitely keep them busy. In such times you can feed or change the infant with peace.

There are a lot more things which a mother should adopt with the passage of time. It would be very nice to mentor your toddler on different things politely. Like if toddlers are jealous of infants then engage them to play with each other and council toddler by words. Toddler often like to hear stories and talks a lot with parents. Don’t ignore them. Be ready to involve them in stories and poems.

As it’s a world of technology, so I would advise you to please do not engage them in such things which are not good for them. Like most parents keep toddlers busy with smartphones or watching tv randomly. This is the time when they are adopting things from around. So try to keep them busy with things which are constructive and help their brain development. Constantly watching videos or playing games on smartphones can be hazardous for them. Please avoid such activities and take good care of your children while managing your own life. Indeed, it’s harder to keep them completely away from devices; so must install some educational apps and games for them in tabs and smartphones. This may utilize their screen time in a best way and will also satisfy you in a sense that your kid is busy in learning activity.

Happy parenting!

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