Effective Tips To Improve Kids Handwriting Within A Week

Effective Tips To Improve Kids Handwriting Within A Week

Does it happen to you? When you turn the pages of your child’s notebook and you find it very difficult to read, just because of their bad handwriting. Do you want to improve kids handwriting? You just make sense of some of the texts but overall it is so difficult to read.

It doesn’t sound like a big thing right! But there bad handwriting could make you worry. Handwriting is a skill that just gets better by practice. In this generation youngsters also trying hard to get their writing skills better and smooth. Some kids develop the handwriting at the age of starting and some of them find it very difficult. You just need to adopt the right methodology to improve your child’s handwriting in a week. 

Yes, you read it right. In a week! 

In little treehouse blogs, we have some special tips that will help your child write better. If you want to make your child won the best price at handwriting then continue with us.

First, I am going to tell you some reason why handwriting is bad and difficult for some children 

  • Poor grasping of the pencil
  • Incorrect sizing
  • Incorrect Formation of the letter
  • Inadequate spacing between words
  • Inappropriate upper and lower case usage

Here are some tips that can easily improve them. 

Tips To Improve Kids Handwriting

  • Developing A Positive Attitude

A child is not the person who just makes it through good handwriting. It makes efforts and focuses to build good handwriting. They don’t have to worry about it. They just want to understand how they can improve this. This is the time when you, a parent, help your child. Rather than humiliating them for the bad handwriting, you have to try to encourage them to make it good and better. A positive term always improves their writing sooner and boost their confidence that they can do that. 

improve kids handwriting

  • Grasping A Pen Between Fingers

The pen grasping is one and important term in this lesson. Grasp a pen between two fingers is the first step. If the child is in kindergarten and at the start of the school teachers can help them to learn the technique. But you will also have to focus on those terms. 

To hold a pencil correctly, there is a way – between the thumb and index finger, with the middle finger supporting the pencil a little. The pencil has to grip smooth and soft with gentle pressure. And if the child has difficulty till now, you have to get them pencil grips to improve kids handwriting. 

improve kids handwriting

  • Improve The Proportion Of Letters


An important step for clean handwriting is to improve the proportions of letters correct.  For this, you can achieve it through a rule book. By practicing to write letters from the book, children keep their writing good and at the position. They write a letter in an appropriate size and also figure out the placement of capital and small letters. Basically they just understand that the small letters are the half letter of capital letters. 

improve kids handwriting

  • Getting The Right Pace


Every parent has to understand that every child has its own pace of writing. Some write at a low speed and some write at very fast speed. You don’t need to pressure them to increase their speed. You have to set a specific time limit for the assignment and then let them choose their own speed. It will give them a challenging effect and they efficiently increase their speed. 

improve kids handwriting

  • Avoid Pressuring Them


When we ask our children to do their work fast, slow and by your perspective, they may take it as a pressure. And for this, they lose their best handwriting. Rushing them during writing or writing can ruin their handwriting. Like if you ask a fast writer to write slowly, it will give them a bad effect and they lose in good writing. And this improve kids handwriting.

improve kids handwriting

  • Making The Activity Fun

You can make handwriting as fun at home or at school too. One interesting activity that the child always loves is connecting the dots.  Just start it with a simple worksheet to complete the picture of dots and match the terms. It can help them to write correctly without shaking lines. 

improve kids handwriting

  • Using Conceptual Therapy

Conceptual therapy is always provided in schools to improve the motor skills of a child’s handwriting. It can improve attention span, muscles of hand and wrist and make them develop a good grip. Activities like coloring, clay molding, and paper-cutting are such examples of these therapies.

improve kids handwriting

  • Increase The Reading Time

Reading an important term that will help improve kids handwriting. A main objective or rule that improve writing is reading. The more the child reads, the more the child knows the size, shape, and placement of letters of the alphabet. Gift your child a unique style book that helps them write in a unique way. 

improve kids handwriting

  • Monitoring Writing Manners

It is important to teach your child or to monitor them the manner of writing. If there shades and pressure are shown on the next page too. Then they have to put a slow pressure and a smooth grip on the pencil. It will also cause of finger crampings. So be careful. 

improve kids handwriting

  • Choosing The Right Stationery

To improve kids handwriting, you have to provide your kids with good stationery. The right pencil can help you write in a smooth way, even if the child doesn’t want or putting the pressure that the workers want. Or they don’t do it as neat as they have to. 

improve kids handwriting

  • Identifying Any Underlying Problem

All you have to do is underline the words that your child is bad in writing. It will boost their self-esteem to do it better again. Dealing with this problem helps child handwriting better. 

improve kids handwriting

You know that improving kids handwriting is not as easy as it looks like. You have to be patient and tell your child to do it better next time. Encourage your child means they become legible. If necessary, you could enroll them in handwriting class to make it better. 

I hope it will be helpful for you.

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