Best General Knowledge Apps for Kids Must Explore

General knowledge for kids is something quite virtual to develop the perceiving personal, academic and world’s intellectual level.
You’ve accessed a perfect place to give an amazing startup to your preschool kids for learning general knowledge. Doesn’t matter, whether there is a difficulty to learn about time & seasons or facing a challenge to reach regarding the professions and role in society, as well as the recognition of shapes & colors.And of course, here is also an amusing trip to cheer up the little ones.
Just splendid! It’s much entertaining and informative journey to set off and get all apps on a single platform by Little Treehouse Apps and eBooks.

  • Top 6 General Knowledge Apps for KidsLearning shapes for Kids
    The fun of app is about learning shapes for kids. This colorful and informative app has features which teach different shapes and quiz activity asks to insert given shapes in their correct place. Such practice works as both to play and learn.
    So, get this free app for your preschoolers:


  • 2. People and Professions

To consider the virtuality of social roles, it;s needed to realize the importance of people linked to various professions. Learn with us about the main professions in which people are providing services and performing responsibilities.
Doctor, policeman, teacher and many other professions, kids can explore by simply accessing:

  • 3. Fruits & Vegetables Apps for kids
  • Now, it’s simple and interesting too to learn the names of fruits and vegetables by this wonderful app which has adorable graphics, convenient features to learn and conduct quiz activity to test performance level.
    Simply access: Learning Animals & Birds

For preschool kids, learning animals & birds app is fun activity to become familiar with common and also special kinds of animals and birds. The separate sections for animals, birds and quiz activity is quite easy to play and get things quickly.
Available for free download:

  • 5. Seasons & Time

Enjoy another bundle of information in Urdu language. It’s seasons and time app for kids. Time is one of the concepts which has been felt difficult to learn by students. This app has been especially based on the strategy to make learning easier. Here all seasons with their duration and specialties, time learning techniques and names of days are ready to add much more to your kid’s knowledge.
Access is too easy without any expense:

  • 6. Zoo ki Sair App- Visit to a Zoo

Get ready to hit a rude for a memorable visit to a zoo. We’ve brought another amazing app for your kids which is an informative entertainment. The app is offering 3 sections of zoo animals for kids; animals, birds and sea-animals. The interacting sound introduces the species and their characteristics which is a great opportunity to get knowledge about them.
This Zoo ki Sair app in Urdu version is a complete arranged trip available free for all Android devices:

It’s all about to provide best educational apps for kids to groom their learning ability,as well as make them familiar with the importance of getting general knowledge on their own lovely Androids and tablets.

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