Expert’s Recommended Screen Time for Babies

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is the platform which has launched advancement in the electronic media that is reflected in the shape of screen time and its connection with the lives and time of the children. The report under the name of “Media and Young Minds” has attempted to answer the query as to how children or youngsters can have favorable results from the usage of screen time or not. It is to be noted that if screen time is of benefit to the children, the next question is about its recommended time limit on part of the children. Earlier, AAP came up with the advised which say that children under 2 years must not have access to screen time come what may. The screen time includes iPad, mobile phones, or other electronic devices. Nonetheless, the increasing number of educational apps and children adaptability to the electronic items, it has become difficult for parents to influence their children’s screen time.

Let’s help you get to know about the newly updated advices and the recommendations produced by the institution of AAP:

  • Age of 15 to 18 months:

It is being said in the report that digital media should be avoided by the children with exception of video chatting that people normally do with family member living in different parts of the world. Parents have to make sure that their children are guided properly that means children are not vulnerable to screens much or unproductive activities. The most important part seems to be the fact that numerous Apps and the digital material may appear to be educational in nature but failed to offer any valuable benefits to the children.

  • From months up to 2nd birthday:

It has been suggested in the report that children should use educational apps  under the care and vigilant eye of caregiver. One hour is allowed for the children only if they are watched by the caregiver. If you are not with your children, the television or the digital material must be switched off.

  • In the age of 2 to 5:

It is suggested to sit alongside with your child and allow him or her to have access to the high quality digital content such as the content or platform introduced by the companies like Sesame Workshop or the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). As these are the things that have proved to be productive or constructive for the children aged 3 to 5. What appears to be interesting fact highlighted in the report is that the ebooks have known to be harmful for the learning as the interactive graphics added in the content cause distraction.

Furthermore, it has been suggested for the parents that they must be able to separate themselves from the electronic material or App so that their children would do the same. And the most important factor that has been underlined in the report was that the screens of the TV or digital Apps must be switched off one hour before the bed time or sleeping time as it is being said that decreased sleep is something which has been led by negative repercussions or side effects of the screens.

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