What’s Cyber Crime & How Does it Effect Children?

Advance era of technology and digitalization has also evolved with many dark aspects which are dysfunctioning the society. Cyber crime is one of these dark aspects which are mainly affecting the youth and children as well. Indeed, it’s a sensitive point but shouldn’t put on back by feeling embarrassment. The nature of cyber-crime effects on kids grooming is vulnerable  but it’s more critical to know; how cyber crime targets our children easily?

What is Cyber Crime Against Children?

In broader sense the transformation in technology influences all domains of society to change their ways. Similarly, the crime-world adopts modern means of approaching and targeting the victim, thus cyber crime is one of the mean.  Crime which is been committed  via internet is called cyber crom. Its types like porn videos, controversial social media activities,, identity theft, hacking, mental and physical torturing vary on specific criminal activity.

What are the Effects of Cyber Crime on Children?

  • Kids become serious and nervous in their routine life
  • They feel guilty and try to hide secrets
  • They become more vibrant than ever before
  • They can come across unbalancing mental conditions and trauma.
  • They lack self-confidence and feel hesitation to face people
  • Kids prefer isolation and avoid the gatherings
  • They lose concentration on working and not feel attentive most of the time

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