Best Phonics apps for Kids to Develop English Language Skills

Be ready to get best phonics apps for Android and also to explore the outstanding benefits of learning phonics. As each letter of English alphabets gas its individual identity and pronunciation. It’s too necessary to make young kids able to differentiate the ise and voice of all 26 alphabets to develop a concrete base in English language. Phonics learning is the domain which deal with it and help to recognize each letter with its sound. It’s quite commendable to avoid cramming and strengthen up the learning capability of early learners.

Why English reading get ending on phonics learning; Explore the benefits of Phonics
The role of phonics can not be denied in English alphabetic principle. Here’s about the notable benefits to be inferenced after teaching phonics to kids in a proper way.


  • Each letter is made up of individual components called phonemes. Phonics play a main role to support kids to hear, identify
  • and understand these phonemes and correlation of sounds.
  • Phonics help to develop text recognition skills and consider the quick construction of words.
  • It develops the ability to recognize the specific patterns of written and and teaches to differentiate their similar sounds.
  • Phonics involve many skills require throughout the life to deal with language scholarly.

Top Phonics apps for Kids

Putting forward the best phonics apps for Android as leading products by Little Treehouse Apps, here are the phonics available to aid your preschool kids while learning.

  • Phonics feature in Flash Cards App for Kids

    Although, the entire application contain a complete lesson of learning English alphabets, but if looking for phonics; you may get phonic sound of every letter by tapping on a button displayed on app.
    You may easily access it for free:

  • Phonics Feature in Alphabets Activity Book Lite

    This app serves like a reading and workbook to learn English alphabets reading and writing. Also here tapping on every small and capital alphabet, the background voice generates phonic sound for all the letters one by one.
    This app is also free to get easily:


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