Alphabets Activity Book Lite- ABC Kids App

We have introduced a complete alphabets learning app which contains interesting and interactive features for kids. This abc kids app has all 26 letters to learn in easy and fun way. The app is offering 2 main features which contain each and everything to let the kids learn and practice in English alphabetic lesson. Kids learn phonics, small and capital alphabets, tracing and writing with activities. This app is for age group of 4-6 years. Let’s have a look that how does this amazing educational app work as Reading and Workbook.


  • Start Learning
  • Start Activity
  • Sound
  • Info
  • Share
  • Forward & Backward Arrows
  • Replay Sound

How to play? After installing this app for free from Google play store, tap on its icon and experience the fun learning activities. On its home page, there are 2 main features which work in following manners:

Start Learning In this feature, the app contains all 26 English Alphabets with their relevant objects. Also there’s a complete Workbook like environment to learn about the correct direction of tracing. Then trace in one column then write in other column with any favorite color pencil given on top right side. Moreover, tap on every Alphabet to listen phonics which is quite helpful to make learners, recognize letters quickly. The screen also allows you to jump on small alphabets learning by tapping on mentioned Small Alphabets.

Start Activity This feature is a performance testing section which have 15 activities to play and enjoy the learning. The activities are listed below:

  • Draw alphabet
  • Match picture with alphabet
  • Match alphabet with picture
  • Drag missing letter
  • Identify shapes
  • Match letters
  • Match missing alphabet ABC
  • Perfect pairs
  • Match alphabets
  • Paste alphabets in order
  • Match first letter
  • Fill your bucket
  • Paste alphabets on fridge
  • Alphabetical order
  • Complete the word

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Dear parents and teachers! As preschooling is an age in which kids learn new concepts abruptly, especially when they takes keen interest in it. So, it’s needed well to use some aiding tools to address their skills.In this context, Alphabet activity book lite app is best to make a concrete base in English Alphabets learning. You may use this app to make them practice their writing and reading properly.

The app contains fun graphics which are both memorable and colorful. A must have for your toddlers.

This App is available for Android Smartphones & Tablets.

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