Learning English ABC for Kids

An Easy Way to Learn English Alphabets

Expose your kids to the world of learning. Give them a very fun way to learn English Alphabets for toddlers. It is designed to help their Basic English learning and writing.
Learning English ABC is an educational app useful for Kids, Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergartens to learn read & write English Alphabets. Kids can easily and quickly learn using this app. This app is a must download if you want to teach your child English in a fun and engaging way and give the best chance to learn English for life.


  • All Alphabets letters from A to Z and no locked features
  • Help your child learn 26 letters with enjoyable way
  • Colorful appearance of English language alphabets
  • Interactive mode of teaching, with attractive user friendly interface
  • Writing instructions of letters with separately for small and capital letters in four line formation
  • Tutorial with animation for each letter in small and capital letter writing
  • Fun activities with matching letters
  • A big collection of child friendly objects
  • All words pronounced in a very clear, friendly and gentle voice.
  • Jingle song of letters with catchy animations
  • Excellent for children and adults alike

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