Urdu Qaida Activity Book Lite- Alif Bay Pay for Kids

Read- Listen- Trace- Write- Activities

Urdu Alphabet Activity Book Lite App is a comprehensive learning app for kids to read, listen, trace, write and recognize Urdu alphabets alif bay pay using different fun activities. Its Lite version of App for your Kids to learn local Urdu Language Alphabets in great details. There are number of activities within App to play with.

  • Start Learning
  • Start Activity
  • Sound
  • Info
  • Share
  • Forward & Backward Arrows
  • Replay Sound
How to Play?

App provides you 2 modes of learning; one to listen and practice writing alphabets by tracing and 2nd mode gives your child practicing option to play with activities.

Start Learning

In learning feature, kids can learn all the Urdu alphabets by recognizing them with relevant objects. Kids can choose their favorite color to trace and then write the alphabet. Moreover, the interactive sound also helps kids to read each alphabet properly.

Start Activity

Activity option has following 10 activities to play:

  • Tasveer pehchanayn
  • Aek jesay Harf pehchanayn
  • Janwar ki madad karayn
  • Amna ki madad karayn
  • Pyaasa kawwa
  • Rasta talash karyn
  • Junaid ki madad karayn
  • Haruf ko tarteeb dayn
  • Harf pechanayn
  • Durust harf se milayn

App contains fun graphics which are both memorable and colorful. A must have for your little learners. This App is available for Android Smartphones & Tablets.
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