Urdu Ki Ginti - Urdu Counting

Best Urdu Ginti App for Kids

Urdu Ginti is an interactive educational app for your lovely children. This app makes your little ones familiar with the Urdu counting pronunciations, Urdu counting script, and English numerics of Urdu counting. Urdu Ginti is equipped with innovative activities and games to capture the children’s attention.  

  • Identify the correct Urdu number
  • Choose correct Urdu number word
  • Drag the right number to its place
  • Complete the sequence of Numbers
  • Arrange the pattern of the numbers
  • Complete Urdu counting from 1 to 100 in Urdu.
  • Translation of Urdu counting in English language.
  • Kid-friendly counting pronunciations
  • The application let the children learn the Urdu counting pronunciation with the English translation and spellings of the numbers. 
  • Urdu Ginti has a Kid-friendly GUI.
  • Five types of activities to increase the level of understanding of children.
Age Group

This application is designed for kids studying in pre-nursery and kindergarten classes (3-7 years). Additionally, Urdu Ginti is exceptionally beneficial for the students and adults keen to learn Urdu counting.

Learning Outcomes

Children will:

  • Recognize the Urdu counting.
  • Learn the Urdu numbers writing style.
  • Learn the English translation of Urdu numbers.
  • Be able to polish their cognitive skills.

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