Seasons & Time for Kids Urdu

Best Seasons Info App in Urdu for Kids.

The Seasons and Time for kids app open new and creative ways for the children to learn about seasons, clock time, weekdays, Islamic and Gregorian months in the Urdu language. 

Learning Outcomes for Kids
  • Learn the season names with a description of the weather in those seasons.
  • Learn to read the clock and understand the clock's working mechanism.
  • Learn the seven days of a week in Urdu and English language.
  • Learn the Islamic and Gregorian months.
  • Teach kids the importance of time management and an example of a good child who performs tasks according to time table.
  • Practicing and testing activities to enhance the kids’ knowledge

The app has two activities: one is to practice, and the other is to test kids' knowledge. In the practicing section, kids get:

  • Arranging the clock needles as per the shown time.
  • Stop the clock at the correct time.
  • Read the right time.
  • Choose a correct clock face.
  • Drag the right clock face in the correct place.

In the Testing section, the app will test the clock reading skills of the kids.

  • Read-aloud functionality to give better hearing experience to the kids
  • Interactive image-based learning.
  • Kids-friendly interface.
  • Colorful fun-graphics
Age Group

Learn Seasons and Time application is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age in the pre-nursery and kindergarten classes.

Note:This app may contain Ads.

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