People & Professions in Urdu

People & Their Professions is the product of Little Tree Applications and eBooks

People & Professions in Urdu is an educational app for kids to introduce them to people’s professions. It is an exciting and informational app that helps your kids rapidly learn different professions/occupations in Urdu with authentic sounds. The app has the information of 20 different professions in the Urdu language to make the kids aware of the professions and their work. 

Features of the app
  • Read-aloud functionality
  • Kids-friendly voice
  • Kids-friendly interactive interface
  • Image-based learning
  • Colorful fun-graphics

Learning Outcomes
Kids will:
  • Learn about different professions in the Urdu language.
  • Be able to distinguish different professions.
  • Learn the basic appearance of professions.
  • Be able to pronounce the professions in Urdu.
Age Group

This application is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age in the pre-nursery or kindergarten class.

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