Kids Urdu Poems Book 2

Kids Urdu Poems Book 2 is an Urdu poems app developed for your young and growing kids. This app contains ten famous and educational poems presented with different scenes. This app is helpful for kids in making them familiar with Urdu Literature and Language. 
This application help Kids listen and learn interesting poems with Urdu audio that plays a vital role in their early age learning process.

Poems in the app
  • Kutt kutt krti aai murgha
  • Naani naani, suno kahani
  • Lakri ki kaathi
  • Chanda ha tu
  • Aik kawwa payasa tha
  • Bulbul ka bacha
  • Billi men ne paali ha
  • Do motey motey hath
  • Abu laaye motor car
  • Tomak tala tomak tala
Things to learn
  • Learn Urdu poems
  • Learn the Urdu pronunciations
  • Build listening power
  • Kids-friendly interface
  • Read-aloud functionality
  • Kids-friendly voice
  • Poems with Urdu font graphics
  • Easy to learn poem lyrics
Age Group

This kids poems app is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age in the pre-nursery and kindergarten classes.


The poems included in this app are not the property of Little Treehouse Apps. All the poems are taken from public websites for free. If you owe anything, contact us!

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