Treasure of Knowledge

An Easy Way to Learn English Alphabets

The Treasure of Knowledge is an app from the arsenal of Little Tree House that is equipped with the knowledge treasure to fill in the little brains of your kids. Treasure of Knowledge is an exciting app with many exciting activities for kids. This app is based on five fun learning activities that facilitate kids to gain knowledge and practice their learning by conducting quiz activities. Treasure of Knowledge App contains understanding several subjects like general science, geography, English, etc. 

Learning Outcomes

Kids will learn about:

  • The five senses
  • Identification of senses
  • Identification of living and non-living things
  • The states of matter
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • The geography
Conditions to Play

The kids will have to clear the stages in every section to move on to the next section. Such conditions bring motivation and determination in kids to clear the levels and move on to the next. It also creates a learning environment for kids. 

  • The five senses contain four activities in which two are unlocked, and the other two require coins to be opened.
  • Living and Non-Living things - Contains four activities in which the first one is unlocked, and the other require coins to be opened.
  • States of Matter - Contains three activities in which the first is unlocked.
  • Synonyms & Antonyms - Contains two activities, first is unlocked.
  • Geography - Contains three activities, in which the first is unlocked.

Moreover, this app stimulates kids' interest by offering Awards and Achievements i.e., trophies, diamonds, hearts & stars.

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