Learning English ABC for Kids

An Easy Way to Learn English Alphabets

The Learning English ABC for Kids app exposes children to the world of learning. This app gives them a fun way to learn the English Alphabet. The purpose of this app is to groom their English learning and writing skills.   This English Learning app teaches the essentials of the English language in an engaging method. It explains the letters with three different examples and further tests the writing skills of the kids. 

Activities to Do
  • Learn the English alphabet with three different examples.
  • Writing practice of English letters
  • Interactive games to build cognitive skills
  • Listen to the Jingle song to learn ABC in an attractive approach
Fun Games to Play

This app is loaded with influencing learning games to practice and test the English alphabet learning skills.
The games included in the app are: 

  • Match the similar letters
  • Match the alphabets in the same position
  • Pop the balloons with the same letter
  • Complete the sequence by dragging the letter to its correct position
  • Hook the fish with the similar Alphabet in the ship
Features of the Learning English ABC for Kids
  • Read-aloud functionality
  • Kids-friendly voice
  • Kids-friendly interactive interface
  • Image-based learning
  • Fun games to enhance the problem-solving skills
  • Workbook for writing practice of the letters loaded with images.
Age Group

This application is ideal for pre-nursery and kindergarten students for the age group of 3-7 years.

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