Kids Coloring Book

Coloring is important for kids but sometimes the most tough subject for kids is drawing. Some kids can draw the image but they are not able to color them. Anyone can do the coloring but not everyone can do the good coloring. Good Coloring always demand practice and kid if you don’t have the practice then you are never going to learn good coloring. This app force your kids to practice more and more and at the end coloring will be the most easiest thing for your kid.
It’s a complete book for your kid. Kid, Just Select the color and fill away. Not with just color, in this app brush, Paints and pencil is also available which will make your drawing more beautiful. The most attractive thing about this app is there are so many categories, which will make you more addictive of this app.

He/she can choose the category of its own choice. The best thing about this app is gallery in which you can make the collection. kid you can improve your drawing by just looking at your previous work.

- Attractive Graphics
- Multiple Categories
- Paint Feature from which you can paint the image
- Pencil Feature from which you can enhance the image
- Brush Feature from which you can fill the image with brush
- Eraser Feature from which you can erase from any place
- Refresh which refresh your image
- Save from which you can save the image
- User friendly
- Easy to use
- Free for everyone
- Unique idea

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