Rangon ki Kitab Coloring Book

Coloring Book in Urdu for Kids

Kids can enjoy coloring activity in Urdu huroof e tahijji, English alphabets, numbers and pictures.
Rangon ki kitab application is the product of Little Treehouse Applications & eBooks, for fun coloring activity.
This application is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age, who are in the pre nursery and kindergarten class.

  • Kids love to draw and color. This application has feature of blending of colors and activities for kids.
  • Kids have choice to choose to color among English alphabets, Urdu Huroof e tahijji, numbers and pictures.
  • Kids have choice to choose the color for coloring activities.
  • Kids can also save their drawings and work and they also have the choice to retrieve their last saved work for continuation.
  • Catchy colors and background voice in Urdu, makes it more interactive and ideal for Pakistani students and education sector.

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