People & Professions in Urdu

People & Their Professions is the product of Little Tree Applications and eBooks, for introducing the kids about people's profession.
People & Their Professions is an exciting fun and educational game that helps your child rapidly learn different professions / occupations in Urdu with real sounds.

Age Group:

This application is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age, who are in the pre nursery and kindergarten class.

  • List of 20 occupations or professions with basic information for the kids
  • Interacts with the kids asking them to choose the profession, for which they want to have information
  • Kids can listen to information of chosen profession in Urdu language
  • Easy for kids to understand and enjoy the information about professions
  • Relevant images also support the information of profession and keeps the interest level of kids throughout the application
  • Colorful graphics
  • Informative yet attractive profession description.
  • Clearly pronounced names of different professions/occupations to help kids teach vocabulary along with the mind blowing animation

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