Best Urdu Qaida Book for Kids

Urdu Qaida Book for Kids is an interactive, beautifully designed educational application for learning Urdu through innovative activities and games. Now you can teach your kids Urdu Alphabets with this educational App. Kids can easily learn to write Urdu language basic alphabets. This application is ideal for all the toddlers and kids, who want to learn basic Urdu language and words starting from them.

Urdu Qaida contains 5 activities for interactive Urdu learning:

  • Fishing with Alphabets
  • Popping Balloons
  • Drag and Align Alphabets
  • Matching Alphabets
  • Selecting right Alphabets
Age Group:

This application is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age, who are in the pre-nursery and kindergarten classes.


This application has following features:

  • Complete Urdu alphabets (Huroof-e-tahaji)
  • PRONUNCIATION of Urdu alphabet from Alif to Yay
  • 3 objects with name and pictures against each alphabet with sound
  • Urdu alphabets sounds and phonics with little description for kids to understand about the letter
  • Learn the shape of each Urdu alphabet
  • Learn and practice how to write each Urdu alphabet with practice and options for color selection
  • Interesting games which makes learning Urdu alphabet more interesting
  • Test comprising of game activities which make the test much interesting
  • Jingle song of Alif, Bay, Pay; Urdu alphabets
  • Colorful graphics for more kid’s interactions
  • Sounds and relevant instructions in Urdu to guide user navigate throughout the application
  • Sounds of each letter from Alif to Yay
  • Sounds can be played again and again
  • Colorful theme to make child stick to the app
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