Memory Match Shapes Card Game- Matching Game for Kids

Kids Memory Game to match different shape objects

A learning Android app which is one of the best matching games for kids. It’s not only fun to play but also improves children’s memory. For each level, player is required to tap the square buttons and need to memorize what is behind it in order to match its couple. Keep matching similar objects and boxes will keep on disappearing for successful matches.

  • Shapes Memory Match game is very easy to play for kids
  • Vibrant and colorful recognizable graphics/objects
  • Colorful objects of Shapes Memory Match game can attract kids very quickly
  • Three different levels of game play i.e. Easy, Medium & Hard
  • Sound settings to adjust or even on/off game sounds and music
  • It will quickly trained your kid’s memory
  • It's designed and structured according to kid’s mentality
  • You can develop your kid’s concentration through Memory Games
  • It will help them to recognize different kind of shapes
  • A detailed help section to answer all of your concerns
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