Mental Math- Best Maths Learning Apps

It’s time to get this amazing counting numbers app in your device for free which has been updated with more exciting features like 123 number games. Now, enjoy vast learning activity with fun in “Start Learning” and “Start Activity” options.
Tap the Learning button to get a lesson of 1 to 10 numbers which are designed also to display the objects with given numbers. Then tap on Activity button and explore lots of fun quiz into the main 6 features of complete sequence, identify numbers, guess the positions, count and Ans, let’s count and sequencing path. This educational app for kids is best to cater their learning and playing needs as well.


  • Learning activity
  • Quiz Activity
  • Complete the sequence
  • Identify the numbers
  • Guess the positions
  • Count and Ans
  • Let’s count
  • Sequencing path
  • Interactive sounds
  • Muting option
  • Switching option-For switching one to another activity
  • Verbal play guide
  • Written play guide on screen
  • Colorful graphics
  • Social sharing buttons
How to play?

First download this app from Google play store for free and be ready to play with numbers. On first hand, there’s Start Learning feature which works like a complete reading book of numbers. There 1-10 numbers are available to learn and each number is linked with objects. The teaching background voice reads every number for the player and even it may also be muted. Then 2nd main feature of Start Activity is for bringing the user to play 6 activities in following ways.

  • Complete the sequence is a play to drag the given below numbers and drop into the blank boxes by following the correct sequence of counting.
  • Identify the numbers provides multiple stages activity to identify the written number from the given objects holding multiple digits.
  • Guess the positions is another exciting quiz of guessing the position of items by following the displayed written instructions. If it’s difficult for kids to read and understand the wording then teachers and parents can well perform their role here and help them.
  • This count and Ans activity is to count those objects which are equal to the given digit and then tap on them to answer.
  • Let’s count invites the player to count the displayed things and simply tap on the right number.
  • Sequencing path is truly amazing quiz which asks to complete a numeric path by dropping the correct digits in blank areas. Thus, a player completes the path for animals and bird, then they reach their destinations happily.

Dear parents and teachers!
The era of e-learning has brought many advance and effective ways to involve kid’s all 5 senses in learning because this involvement contains better learning. By considering this fact, Little Tree House offers best educational apps for kids to support them to prepare their academic lessons. This learning Numbers 123 app is a commendable aiding tool for kids of 3-6 years old. It’s completely based on their syllabus and develops their interest to learn about numbers in playing and amusement.

So, try this entertaining and educational app for your preschoolers which is available free for all Android devices. App may have ads.

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