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If we look back to get a historical glimpse of poems for kids, the picture is literary, rhyming and colorful. Cluster of kids around grand-mother to listen a fairy tale, the joy of sweet dreams while listening the rhymes of mother and who can forget the charm of that poem singing session in a classroom , all are the beautiful flowers placed in our childhood memory book.

And the fragrance always spreads over in a mind whenever we come across to listen the the stuff even yet. Isn’t the same there? Well surely! Som let’s sprinkle a splash of freshness in these memories and recall the old is gold and all time favourite :Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” which was the English poem of 19th century written by James Taylor.

It depicts an image that the origin to create poems for kids is quite ancient.Thus, we can consider the inter of of literature and recreational sessions to stimulate the productivity of students. Let us explore some facts regarding poems learning for kids.

Benefits of Learning Poems for Kids

  • Experts recommends to learn poems for kids: Experts in child development and education say that “if children learn nursery poems in the age of four then they can usually become the best readers in the age of eight”.
  • Language Development: Poems for kids about school or fun make learning new words effortless because of their rhyming structure. Repetition of stanzas make unfamiliar words familiar and easy to learn. Moreover, the practice to hear, identify and speak individual sounds of words help to learn phonemes which motivate language skills.
  • Cognitive Development: Rhymes or poems help to create and ability to recognize the sounds of similar words along with considering the difference between their meanings. The patterns of rhyming sounds teach them to close the stanza on congruent voices.
  • Physical Development: Synchronized impact of rhymes develop breath coordination, exercise of tongue, movement of mouth, and mind soundness. It stimulates the process of physical and mental progress of kids in a recreational context.
  • .Social Development: The idea behind virtual and learning poems always bring a moral lesson for kids to adopt good habits to interact and deal with each other. So, the right choice of material matters a lot to mold the behavior in social context.


Get Best Poems in Advance Form; Poems Apps for Kids

Bringing poems for kids free download service, it’s famous nursery rhymes app for kids which contain exciting features for preschoolers.

Famous Nursery Rhymes for Kids

A product of amusement and learning, Little Treehouse apps and eBooks has introduced nursery rhymes for children aged 3-5. There are complete 20 poems for kids in English having appealing graphics, colorful and adorable characters to entertain the children. These are not only fun but are the poems for kids about school that serves like an online rhyming book of their curriculum.Let’s explore the rhymes in it awaiting to be played.

Famous 20 Rhymes in this App:

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Baba Black Sheep
  • Hey, diddle diddle the cat
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • Ring-a- ring o roses, etc
  • If you are happy and it clap hands
  • 5 Little Ducks went swimming
  • Daddy Finger where are you?
  • A Sailor Went to sea sea sea
  • Clap your Hands Everywhere
  • The ants go marching
  • Hickory Dickory Duck
  • I Hear Thunder
  • Jack and Jill went up the Hill
  • Johny Johny, Yes Papa
  • Hanckey Doodle Went to Town
  • Where is Thumbkin?
  • Little Boy Blue Come
  • I had a little nut tree
  • One little Ladybird

Access free from Google Play:

Kids English Poems

Little Treehouse has another bundle app os poems for kids in English and offering mostly different poems from Famous Nursery Rhymes App. This poem app also has verbal, visual, auditory and recall technique based features to entertain the children of nursery and kindergarten standards. Its Multiple images with multiple characters for poem look look attractive when they get changed along with the stanzas and wording of poems.This features works as a useful technique to grab kid’s attention.

You may download this fun for kids free and for all Android devices:



Kids Urdu Poems

This poem app has a most popular and amusing collection of kids poems in Urdu. Containing 10 famous poem, the app has much exciting features to choose any poem of your choice. This poem for Android devices has been designed with verbal compositions and entertaining characterized graphics which engage kids in listening and understanding the actual message of the poem. The is also commendable regarding its convenient features.


Isn’t it amazing to kmow that it’s also free to get:


Kids Urdu Poems Book 2

Presenting another poem for kids in Urdu which contains educational poems for kids and have a great touch of a poem school book if a preschool kid. In it there are 10 poems in Urdu and all are different from other Urdu poems app by Little Treehouse Apps and eBooks.

App is awaiting to be played, access now:


Well, we’ve collaborated all poems apps in 2 different languages with a wide range at a single platform. Along with amazing facts and noteable benefits of poem learning to make parents and teachers be aware of this productive subject that kids like the dost.
Have fun!


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